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Pet Routine Bloodwork

Learn more about our pet routine bloodwork services below.

Pet Routine Bloodwork in McKinney, TX

At Stonebridge Family Vet, we recommend pet routine bloodwork as part of your pet’s preventive care. This simple test can provide valuable information about your pet’s health, and it can help to identify potential problems early. Bloodwork can help us to assess your pet’s organ function, check for evidence of infections, and identify any possible medical concerns. Routine bloodwork is critical to identifying early changes in your pet’s health. 1 in 7 young adult dogs and cats, 1 in 5 seniors, and 2 in 5 geriatrics have significant findings on routine blood screenings that require follow-up and/or treatment.

However, blood tests are not only recommended when your pet is sick. We typically recommend pet routine bloodwork at least once a year, but more frequent testing may be recommended for pets with chronic health problems. An annual blood test will establish a baseline for your pet’s health, allowing us to track your pet’s condition should it become ill. Their internal organs start to function less effectively or slowly as our pets get older. Early detection of these abnormalities allows us to make dietary or care adjustments that significantly improve and extend your pet’s quality of life.